CMC Club 1881

This 1881 model CMC Club is a very interesting bike. Of course because it still has its original paintwork, and it is really well-preserved.
But also because it really is the 'turn of the decade' model. It already has a front wheel brake, an early type of CMC ball bearings on the front hub, hollow forks and the saddle spring has rubber suspension.

The saddle support reads: 'The Club - The Coventry Machinists Co. patent'. Around the tyres you see strange metal rings, I guess the owner wants to protect the original rubber when moving the bike. 

This model CMC Club was built from 1878 onwards. The 1879-model has the Salamon patented saddle spring, but Salamon left CMC early 1881 and took the patent with him, to use it on his own Matchless bicycles. Thats why I guess this is a 1881 model: it already has the later spring, that later became the privilege of the Special Club.

Pictures copyright: Michiel Röben Diabolodesign